Wednesday, May 11, 2011

carpet kit.

The weather in Houston is what we Houstonians have come to know as "unpredictable". Some days you'll get the humidity that's expected around this time and other days you'll get cooler weather. Since it's been pretty hard to predict the weather, I put together a kit that is part spring, part summer.

The Camo Cotton Shirt
I wore this shirt a couple of weeks ago, and love it even more that the day I laid eyes on in it in San Antonio. It's definitely become one of my favorite shirts due to it's fit and durability, and for $3 I definitely can't complain.

Kicking Mule Workshop Straight Leg 1950 - 6 Months In (Unwashed)
Easily one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. What can be said about these jeans that I haven't already said. I love 'em like a fat kid loves cake. Since it's been tough to wear jeans for work, these are reserved for the weekends and bike rides. The color hasn't faded much nor have they stretched much and don't be fooled by the first pic, one pant leg isn't slightly longer than the other. Since it is getting warmer and I've put away the boots, I've decided to pinch fold my jeans to give the straight leg a slimmer look that looks great with any low top shoe whether sneaker or dress.

Alden PTB in Natural Chromexcel
When I'm not wearing sneakers, I have these puppies on. Like I said before, I love these for summer, but definitely dropped coin so I could wear them year round. The color hasn't begun to change much and they're still on the lighter side. I added maroon shoe laces to give them some contrast and I couldn't be any happier with these. Super soft, super versatile and super rad. I'll continue to wear 'em sockless until it gets cold enough

Shwood Canby - Cherry
Usually I'm in Clubmasters, but I figure I'd switch it up with some glasses that add some fun to the unit. I have nothing but good things to say about these and even though they're made out of wood, they're still able to fit my fat face. The kicker is the optical quality of the Carl Zeiss polarized lenses. These are some great sunglasses that effortlessly blend timeless style with the luxuriousness of exotic hardwoods.

Vintage Rolex - Oyster Perpetual Date
Great watch with a great story. This was my dad's watch from the late 70's and only gets better with age. Not much I can say about this watch that could do it any justice, but I hope to one day to pass this watch down to my kids.

Natural Roller Belt - 6 Months In
This belt continues to be one of my go to belts, that adds some contrast to the kit. Like I've stated before, there's no need to always match your belt with your shoes and some contrast never hurt nobody. Love this belt and you can see the wear it's gotten and the denim staining in the inside. Thanks again Nicholas for a great belt!

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