Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mister Freedom | Chemise Calico


The Mister Freedom x Sugarcane Spring 2011 Collection "Les Apaches" has arrived. This indigo blue Calico was inspired by the late 1800's cotton printed shirting and several vintage swatches from Mister Freedom. Mister Freedom went back to early techniques of discharge printing to produce these textiles in Japan.  I really love the color of this shirt and if this collection/shirt fits anything like their chambray shirts a la J.Crew, this is a sure fire winner.

*Additional Information*
All original MFSC pattern, inspired by early European shirting. 

All cotton fancy Broadcloth, 3.5 oz. Exclusively woven and printed in Japan for MFSC. Limited run. 
Indigo dyed base, discharge calico print. 

Authentic French 1900’s-1930’s New Old Stock glass buttons, also referred to as boutons Briare, because of their regional origin. 

- Original MFSC pocketing 
- Full button front with secure “belly flap”. 
- Lower button placket tab to secure shirt to trousers waist button.
- Back yoke passe-cravate, to keep scarf or tie in place. 
- Back panel and cuff early shirting traditional shearing. 
- French style gussets. 
- Collar and button placket facing with indigo dyed solid popeline. 
- Original woven MFSC rayon labeling and sizing tab. 

Tailor type single needle french seams, no overlock nor chainstitch. 100% Cotton thread, extra high stitch count. 

All the Apache shirting is sized/labeled in French.
35(Xsmall), 37 (small), 39 (medium), 41 (large), 43 (Xlarge), 45 (XXlarge)

The fabric is RAW and unwashed, and will shrink lightly with cold wash/hang dry.


  1. yay! live with your parents in ohio so you can buy olde timey clothes. great life plan.

  2. @Anon-haha...although I don't practice this, I for one cannot condone those living with their parental units in these economic times. As long as your actively pursuing a career/job and you're acting responsibly and not just leaching off your parents, this in turn may be a wise plan for the time being. Also, in they Asian Culture this seems to be quite the norm. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. The model makes this seems like Lumber Jack Couture. But I like the shirt...even for me

  4. @rachel joy-glad you dig the shirt. In my opinion, there's nothing more sexy than a woman that can pull off a guy's shirt. To me, it shows confidence/swag when a woman wears clothes that many perceive "unflattering".

    Thanks again for stopping by!