Friday, April 29, 2011

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The Huffington Post ran a great article this morning that really spoke volumes. Credit Dan Rather for eloquently putting into words what a lot of Americans are thinking as they see the massive coverage The Royal Wedding is receiving this morning.

The next time you hear about another round of layoffs at a TV news division, the closing of a bureau, the decision not to cover a foreign story with full force, remember this week of silliness in April. 

Remember the millions of dollars, hundreds of staff and hours of coverage spent on a wedding in London when crises around the globe and here at home festered. Remember the unseemly pas de deux between the press and a reality TV show huckster peddling racially-fraught falsehoods, as both interviewers and the interviewee seek a bump in ratings. 

And then please take a moment to remember the eight American soldiers and one contractor killed by an Afghan soldier at the Kabul airport in a war too easily forgotten. Remember the hundreds likely being killed in Syria and Libya, not to mention the death and unrest plaguing countries like the Ivory Coast, which almost never earn more than a mention on our most-watched newscasts. 

Remember those who have the least amongst us, struggling after more than a year of unemployment, a long commute they can no longer afford, or the diagnosis of a medical condition that could kill them and bankrupt their family. 

The networks couldn't ignore the devastating storms that killed hundreds in the South, but you had the odd juxtaposition of that news being delivered by anchors sitting in front of Buckingham Palace. 

There's always the question, is the audience chasing the news or the news chasing an audience? I have nothing against the royals or their wedding. It is a legitimate news story, a big event for one of America's most stalwart allies. We have had a lot of bad news lately, and if you are someone who finds this diversion interesting and exciting, then I think that's great. 

What bothers me is the hypocrisy. The idea that we can't afford to throw resources at an important foreign story, but can afford to spend this kind of money on a story like the royal wedding is just plain wrong. The idea that we can't break into regularly-scheduled programming for an address by the president is wrong as well. When the topic was the "Birther Story" (better referred from here on out by the first letters of those two words), the networks jumped right in. 

As a journalist, you like to be the one asking the questions. But it's time that some of our news executives gave some answers of their own.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ask yourself...

till death do us part.

withstanding the test of time...

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm doing posting a disgusting beat up shirt. The fact of the matter is this is by far one of my favorite shirts of all time. This shirt has withstood the test of time and has been through many natural disasters including Hurricane Allison, Katrina, and Ike...not to mention my mom as well as my wife (they've attempted many a time to throw this shirt in the garbage). I love this shirt and although it's beat the crap up, I continue to wear it because how comfortable it is. They definitely don't make 'em like they used to and if I'm lucky this shirt will last me a couple more years.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Find | Camo Cotton Shirt

Really love Hamilton's camo shirt and was getting ready to pull the trigger until I came across this. Found this shirt this past weekend at a thrift store in San Antonio for $3. It was hanging out in the open almost as if it was waiting for me. This shirt fits me perfectly in the chest as well as in the sleeves and I'm really diggin' the color. The camo shirt is 100% Cotton and Made in the USA...can't get any better than that.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

east coast swag.

back in school we used to dream about this everyday...

Don't lie to yourself like you weren't perusing through Miller's Outpost searching for that perfect sweater vest. Well if you grew up in the 90's you'd be hard-pressed not to hear these dudes "Cooley High Harmony" sound on the airwaves. Boyz II Men killed it in the 90s and it wasn't only for their music but their keen sense of style. From sweater vests to bow ties to paper boy hats Boyz II Men's swag was off the charts.


the impossible cool...


Monday, April 25, 2011

proper dap.

as my dude ern would say...

This is by far one of my favorite Test Shots to date. Jake Davis teamed up with GiltMANual to to present "The Legends" Test Shots. First up American author Gay Talese. Mr. Talese straight killed it and that's why the man deserves proper daps for keepin his double breasted coat with fat lapels tight and right.

All in all, Mr. Talese schools us from head to toe.

[Source] Jake Davis

Post Overalls | Salmon End on End Engineer Shirt

as raw as sashimi...

After trying on numerous salmon collared shirts, I'm definitely diggin' this EoE Engineer Shirt from Post Overalls.

*Additional Information*
-Cotton shirt with 2 button down chest pockets, tab collar, reinforced elbows, curved hem and button cuffs.
-100% cotton.
-Made in USA.
-This shirt fits a little on the small side, for sleeve length you may need to size up.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alden | Plain Toe Blucher in Natural Chromexcel

natty chromin'..(as Ryan would say)

I was hard pressed to spend over $300 bucks on a pair of suede shoes that would be solely used for summer. So I decided to go with a shoe that I could get a lot more wear out of and would be able to wear year around. Fortunately for me, Ebay had a pair of plain toe bluchers that were worn once and after carefully watching these, I was able to get them for $100 less than retail value.

I put these shoes through a beat down this weekend in San Antonio and couldn't imagine a more comfortable shoe to embrace this heat and humidity we're currently experiencing. As y'all know, the natural chromexcel will turn a little darker, but I'm perfectly fine with it. Can't wait to see what these look like after a couple months. 

my first post.

almost a year later...

This picture of The Little Rascals (1994) depicts the past, present, and future of men's fashion/clothing in least for now. The Citrus Report caught up with Tellason Denim to talk shop in regards to various topics surrounding the current trend in American-made products and of course denim. As major retailers of men's clothing continue to fall slave to the "almighty dollar," I feel they become more obsessed with making money and forget about the "quality" of the product they are putting out. The dudes at Tellason “pinned the tail on the donkey” in regards to the men’s market in America and the direction it is heading. If you're a U.S. retailer of men's clothing, LISTEN UP!

Here are a few short excerpts: (Enjoy!)

"What is interesting right now, and this is pretty much exclusive to the men’s market, is this resurgence and idea of Americana. We have always liked that notion, the workwear concept, the durability of it, the idea in fashion that you can wear something for 6 years and not 6 months. That is unique to men’s market."

"We are in a middle of an explosion right now of high-end denim, especially American and Japanese-made, people really taking care of fit, quality, and design."

"We are not going after that guy. We are going after the guy who wants a quality, American-made product. We are going after a very small sliver of denim consumers, and that is fine. That is where we want to be."

"I think the reason why men are shopping at Unionmade and Smith + Butler is because when guys buy something they want it to last a long time. From our perspective, we want to build a classic American product that uses all of the best methods, whether it be the fabric, the sewing, the trims and the fit. There is nothing revolutionary about what we are doing, it’s just high-quality."

"Americans simultaneously want American-made at low prices, and its impossible. But I would rather spend 4x as much to get it right the first time."

In short, The Little Rascals, were on to something sixteen years ago, from vintage leather jackets, snapback hats, bow ties, to rolled up jeans, (this list goes on and on) each individual pictured screams Americana! Thank you Tellason for pouring out your wealth of knowledge and I hope you guys continue to keep it real. OoOoOtay!!!!!

[Source] 3Kings Clothing

First Look | Thinking Third Coast

Leigh [Lady, Leigh]
Daniela [toutpartout]

I'll leave it to my family over at 3Kings to explain in full length how this idea came to fruition. If there's one thing that's certain, it's how much fun we all had putting this together. I'll be honest when I say that there's no legit concept behind this photo shoot like Vicent Tsang's "I Wish They Made This for Girls"  Series. In actuality, we started off with the idea of showcasing a versatile layering piece for not just men, but women who live in the West Coast, East Coast, and even the Third Coast (that's Houston, for all non-Houstonians) and further expounded on this idea by highlighting friends not only with great style, but doing great things in their own right here in the city of Houston. Not only did both these ladies exceed our expectations and turn our ideas into a final product, but they straight murdered the set. So without further adieu, here's a sneak preview of what I like to call  "Thinking Third Coast". 

*Additional Information*
If you'd like to see more of these talented ladies make sure you stop by their Tumblrs:

Leigh is currently working on a jewelry collection, and we'll keep you informed on the tentative drop date. While Daniela, who's used to being behind the lens, is really beastin' it with her artwork.

[Source] 3Kings Clothing

Saturday, April 16, 2011

words "for" friends.

this would be a great iphone app...

As I sit at my desk on a Saturday, sifting through all the extensions we have to file and mail out, I leave you with a friendly reminder *TAX RETURNS ARE DUE MONDAY, APRIL 18TH*.

P.S.-If you think taxes are "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" and you don't think you should pay them, I suggest you talk to this guy.

Best wishes,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Concrete Kit

rock solid...

Concrete kits was put together to show a more "functional" kit that is conducive to the weather we are experiencing here in Houston right now. There are a lot of great kits out in the blogosphere these days, but I really wanted to put together a bit of a more casual kit that you could just throw on and be comfortable in, especially in this humidity.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodhood | Jaquard Leopard Shirt

it's leopuurrrd...

Goodhood's collaboration with R. Newbold has brought about some interesting pieces. This shirt is straight beastin' (literally).

*Additional Information*

- 100% Cotton Button Down Shirt
- Leopard Pattern Jacquard Fabric
- Hidden Button-Down Collar
- Buttoned Chest Flap Pocket
- Black Stitching on Buttons 
- Runaway Double Chain Stitch on Side Seams
- White Camo Pocket Flap Lining and Side Gussets

Monday, April 4, 2011

Buy It Now | Grenson Glenn Boots

another dope pair of shoes from Grenson...

I wasn't too sure about these at first glance, but after I saw these kitted by Style Salvage I realized how rad these really were. These shoes will definitely get you ready for Fall/Winter. The uppers are waxed canvas, which are perfect for keeping the wet out while the toe caps and heels are leather, making for a super versatile shoe for wet and cold weather.

Buy these now here.

Happy Shopping,


Tapping Into Our Reserve | Reserve Supply Co.

what, huh oil? who said somethin' bout oil?

It's no surprise that one of the biggest topics across the nation is oil prices and with oil prices reaching $107 a barrel on Friday (a two and a half year high) gas prices continue to soar to all time highs ($3.29 for Regular in Houston). I know that's cheap across the nation, but this is Houston for heaven's sake, that's what we are known for! Anyways, I'm not here to talk about oil, but another great "Reserve" located here in Houston.

Reserve Supply Co. is another great store geared towards men located on Washington Avenue next to Houston's Catalina Coffee. By no stretch of the imagination is this your prototypical men's store. As you step into the industrial space complete with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, customers are greeted by a beautiful antique motorcycle. As my testosterone levels began to shoot through the roof I proceeded to grunt like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor...ok maybe not, but I really wanted to.

As you proceed to make your way throughout the store, you are exposed to an amazing array of products ranging from Pendleton, Nixon, Ray Ban, selvedge denim from San Francisco based Tellason, Crate, Rail Car, Nike SB, Red Wing, Converse, Davida and much, much more.

Reserve Supply Co. is a reflection of store owner Jason Bruen's interest as well as love for motorcycles and skateboards. Before opening Reserve Supply Co., Bruen operated the largest skate park in Louisiana (Lafayette to be exact). What's refreshing about this shop is the fact that there seems to be no specific target market that Jason is aiming at capturing. The Reserve Supply Co. has offerings for kids who love to skate to men who have interests in the classics or seeking quality products.

All in all, Reserve Supply Co., is another dope shop here in Houston with a great store owner who keeps it  real. By real I mean a down to Earth good 'ole dude with loads of Southern hospitality. So if you happen to be in the Downtown/Washington area stop on by! And if you happen to be in the area this Saturday, April 9th, be sure you stop by for their GRAND OPENING!