Sunday, May 22, 2011

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The weather was great last weekend for Haute Wheels and has just started to get a bit humid. This is what I wore this past week.

Supreme Box Logo Pique Knit 5 Panel Cap
Picked up this cap at Supreme in California a couple months back and love how breathable it is. Since I've had to grow up and put away the fitted caps this is the perfect cap for bike rides with the wife. I love everything about this 5-panel and with the heat stepping up a couple notches here in Houston, it's safe to say this cap will get lots of wear this summer.

Polo Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt
Not sure if this shirt was suppose to be at the local outlet here in Houston. It was one of those one offs that was severely marked down (hence the gold mark on the tag) and since it was my size, I had to pick it up. Love the color of the lighter chambray for summer and the fit is definitely on point. Not much more to say about this garment, but it's built to last.

Army Issued T-shirt
A friend of mine gave me a couple of these t-shirts before I went to college and this is what's happens when you've kept them for over 10 years. Very breathable shirt, super soft, very durable, and made in the U.S.A. Hope to have this shirt for another 10 more years.

C.W.C G-10 Military Watch
This is probably my go to watch during the summer especially since it gets so humid here in Houston and there's nothing worse (I'm exaggerating) than hot stainless steel burning your wrist. Love this watch and since I'm pretty clumsy it's a great watch for me.

Levis 501 Salt-Soaked Selvedge Jeans
Bought these from J.Crew when there were $10. Probably my second time breaking them out but I really like the fit. You have to be a little more careful with the jeans and should opt to not wear any white for a while because the indigo will bleed onto your t-shirt or shoes. I'm a little more odd, whereas I really should look to start wearing khakis since it's so hot here, but I really wanted to test these out and will be wearing them on and off during summer. Since my thighs nor legs will be able to breath, I decided to go with a bigger cuff so at the very least my ankles could breathe.

John Varvatos Laceless Chuck Taylors
I know the title says "laceless" and I promise you when I bought them like 8 years ago...they were. About a year ago, I decided to un-stich the thread along the grommets and insert leather laces into them. These have been through a lot and the soles have held up pretty well. May need to run them through the wash cause I'm sure they have quite a distinct odor since I've been wearing them without socks for 6 of the 8 years.

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