Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alden | Plain Toe Blucher in Natural Chromexcel

natty chromin'..(as Ryan would say)

I was hard pressed to spend over $300 bucks on a pair of suede shoes that would be solely used for summer. So I decided to go with a shoe that I could get a lot more wear out of and would be able to wear year around. Fortunately for me, Ebay had a pair of plain toe bluchers that were worn once and after carefully watching these, I was able to get them for $100 less than retail value.

I put these shoes through a beat down this weekend in San Antonio and couldn't imagine a more comfortable shoe to embrace this heat and humidity we're currently experiencing. As y'all know, the natural chromexcel will turn a little darker, but I'm perfectly fine with it. Can't wait to see what these look like after a couple months. 


  1. How are these looking after about 2 months??

    Trying to decide between these and some suede oxfords for the summer months.

  2. @Anon-Still on the lighter side. I love 'em a lot and since Houston has pretty unpredictable weather these shoes are great. With the weather sweltering at the moment, it's only a matter of time before the chromexcel darkens. Are the shoes you're deciding on solely for the summer months or are you looking for a more versatile shoe for all seasons? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am looking primarily for a spring/summer shoe, but I am concerned about the durability of suede. Do you ever wear the naturals with khaki shorts? Just curious how that would look.

    Thanks for the input and I enjoy your blog so keep up the good work!

  4. @Anon-This is where it gets tricky. Honestly, I'm not one to wear my PTB's with shorts just because I'm not that "waspy" (I prefer a canvas shoe with shorts) and I like to add some type of contrast to my attire. So to answer your question, I haven't worn these with khaki shorts nor khaki pants due to the similarity in color to the type of khakis I usually wear (british khakis). If you were to wear any other color than khaki a la blue, camo, olive drab, oxblood and/or nantucket red than the natty's would be a solid pick up. Thanks again for reading and I hope this helps.

  5. Any updated pics of these beauties?