Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Thoughts | Black Shoes

It's been a hot minute since I've sweated a pair of black shoes, let alone worn a pair for reasons beyond my own understanding. Maybe I felt as if black shoes a la Dr. Martens reminded me of "Ninja-Goth" dudes patrolling the mall (to each his own, but it's safe to say I couldn't pull off drop-crotch (harem) pants) or that black dress shoes always reminded me of bankers/financiers on Wall Street or even worse funerals/death. Whatever it may have been, black shoes haven't really appealed to me in the past couple years especially since business offices have become more 'lax with dress attire. I'm really loving these black shoes from Alden and I know summer is on it's way, but I'm really trying to think ahead towards Fall. The red brick sole of these give it a more summer look, but I believe if I'm going to pull the trigger on some black shoes for Fall, I'm definitely going to go with a contrast sole to give 'em that extra "zing".

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