Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts | The Bucket Hat

i'm on my cool j...(minus the muscles, swag, and just about everything else)

Old School

New School

Although, I for one will humbly admit that I can't pull off a Kangol, (due in large to my watermelon size noggin') I'm really loving the old school bucket hat. Not exactly sure why. Maybe it's that nostalgic feeling I get at the pit of my stomach when something "just feels right". Or maybe because it reminds me of a time when hip-hop was hip-hop and Run DMC was straight killin' it, and movies err were... well...ORIGINAL like Breakin' (Sidenote: Hollywood what's up with all the re-makes? I mean is there anything original these days? Oh and if Soljah Boy plays Bishop in Juice #$#%#%...sorry I've digressed). 

Whatever the case may be, I'd figure I'd dust off an old bucket and seeing as it's getting ready to get freakishly hot here in Houston, it's another great way to protect yourself from the dangerous UV rays. Unless, you want/like the leathery skin look, just sayin.

I really love the way the bucket hat is worn by the Japanese (#Japa-steeze) dudes pictured above. I too would opt for a larger brim, but instead of solid khaki, I'd put more color into my wardrobe with a patchwork bucket hat.

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