Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Billykirk | Ivy Accessories

poison, poison...

With the hassle of traveling only getting going to get worse (don't get me started) as I experienced this a few weeks ago, I realized it may be time to upgrade to some sturdier travel accessories. What better way to upgrade than these dope accessories from Billykirk which are all handmade here in the good ole US of A (Pennsylvania to be exact). All items are made of Ivy colored Horween leathers, treated with natural oils, beeswax, and vegetable based dyes so they age/patina quite nicely. These items are all great alternatives to the monotony of browns and blacks that are visible in today's market. Pick 'em all up @ Blackbird.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Reyn Spooner | Spring 2011


Even though the weather is perfect in Houston today, I can't imagine it staying like this much longer. Cue the Reyn Spooner shirts. These shirts are a perfect piece to any summer wardrobe. For me personally, it's a nice change of pace from all the ginghams, plaids, tattersalls, and chambray shirts I continue to collect as well as see on the streets. Even more importantly, I can give my dress shoes as well as my denim a much needed vacation and pop on some Vans and some khakis.

*Additional Information*

In the early 1950’s, Reyn McCullough, a visionary merchant who owned and operated a successful men’s wear store on California’s Catalina Island, saw the growth potential the Hawaiian Islands had to offer and moved his family to Honolulu. Ruth Spooner, who in 1956 had established Spooners of Waikiki, was cultivating a reputation for the best “kine” custom surf trunks and shirts in the Islands. With Reyn’s knowledge of classic men’s fashion and tailoring, and Ruth’s knowledge of Hawaiian print and color, Reyn Spooner was created.
As an alternative to the loud and tacky tourist driven aloha shirts of the day, Reyn decided to try something different. He took the preppy “button down, half placket pullover silhouette” inspired by Brooks Brothers, turned the Hawaiian printed fabric inside out, and created the iconic Reyn Spooner Reverse Print Popover – a more classic, toned down, trim fitted, preppy version of what was the norm.
With an archive collected for over 50 years from the South Pacific, plus a more modern fit, new fabrications and inspired colors, we have re-imagined the Hawaiian prep Reyn Spooner Brand.

LEVIS | Denim Jacket (Vintage)

the denim jacket not to mention the blanket liner is so boss...

Hope The Hill-Side makes this blanket liner into a tie some day (if they haven't already).

Trickers | For The Bureau Stone Brown Suede Super Boot


*Additional Information*
-Tricker's Of England. The manufacturing home of Tricker's continues to be based in Northampton the heart of English shoemaking country. Using only the best available materials, Tricker's craftsmen apply their legendary skills to produce both hand-made and bench-made shoes which maintain a standard seldom equalled in the world of Goodyear welted footwear.

-Specially made to order for The Bureau.
-Stone Brown Suede Super Boot.
-Full suede leather upper with a leather lining.
-Double sole has a natural finish mid-sole and a leather outsole.
-4 metal eyelets and 3 speed-hooks.
-Comes with 2 sets of laces - brown and off-white.
-Style No. M7571 - Fitting 5 (Standard Fit).
-Made in England.