Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet | Andrew Wren

english blokes...

Are ALWAYS on their A-Game when it comes to style whether it be their uncanny attention to details or the fit of their clothing, English dudes always seem to be on point. I really like Andrew Wren's take on style. Whether or not he's really trying hard (because he's being photographed) or not, he looks real comfortable and relaxed in his clothes, which in turn gives off the vibe as if he isn't tryin' hard at all to look just right. I'm really diggin' the fact that his shirt is untucked (even in the blazer) and I really like how he killed it in a blue shirt, black pants and shoes and some blue socks for contrast. Also I'm really feelin' that navy blue polka shirt...that shirt is off the chain.

In turn, you should always be comfortable in your clothing, if the tucked menswear look isn't you, that's alright at the end of the day you should always do you...unless that means matching your kicks with you shirt, hat or both...or wearing some crispy shoes and deciding to waddle like a penguin (just saying). That's just plain retarded...they're shoes for Pete's sake.

[Source] Backyard Bill

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