Saturday, January 22, 2011

the unbelievable power of STYLEFORUM...

This is why Leather Soul is so LEGIT...

1+1 = 2...2+2 = 4. Simple right?

Almost as simple as the key to being a successful business. Listen attentively to your clientele/customers. This is exactly what the guys over at Leather Soul did...they listened and then "BOOM" "POW" "BAM"...they DELIVERED. Harry Potter has nothing on these dudes.

To make a long story short, it all started this morning when this Styleforum Noob "alanjav" decided to irresponsibly post a pair of Alden's he received from The Bureau on The Alden thread supported by Leather Soul. (Wait a sec...that name looks rather familiar). Unbeknown to him the buzz that would later ensue from his post and just like that styleforum readers began to brainstorm and elicit questions in regards to if a particular shoe could be made. Tom over at Leather Soul listened attentively and just like that a Special Pre-Order for #8 Shortwing with Antique Edgetrim was born. I'm sorry but this story was way too gnarly not to blog about.

If you've been living under a rock for quite some time I suggest you check out Leather Soul and their beautiful line-up of men's shoes ranging from Lobb's to Aldens specifically made for their store.


  1. how stoked are you for these #8 shortwings? got on the pre-order this afternoon. it;s gonna be a long 6-8 months! thanks for getting the ball rolling!

    "harrythedog" is my sf name

  2. @Anon-can't wait to see these shortwings. That wait time is excruciating, but you know what they say, "Good (Great) things come to those who wait!" You gotta post pics when they come in.