Friday, January 14, 2011

Carl's Jr. now OPEN in Houston!

now all we're missing is an in&out...

8491 Highway 6 North at West Road 
Houston, Tx 77092

2011 is starting out with a bang! Carl's Jr opened today, January 14, 2011 and to no surprise, there were outrageous lines spewing throughout the doors of this fast food chain as well as the drive thru. This wasn't going to stop me on my quest  to re-live the joy that can't be put into words of the "Original" Six Dollar Burger. Carl's Jr definitely didn't disappoint. Even with the lines spilling out the door, my burger and fries were still fresh and on point. It's safe to say I'll be returning here many a times, but whatever you do and I'm WARNING you right now is don't look at the Nutrition Fact Chart posted on their website...I'm just saying no need to ruin someone else's day by reciting how many calories are in a burger! Well hope you guys enjoy and if you have some time to drive out to the "sticks"...I mean Northwest Houston, c'mon by!


  1. thanks to my good friends over at Six Hundred Squared ( for giving me the heads up. Check out their site if you have a minute!

  2. Oh, man, thanks for the sixhundredsquared tip! The "Remember the OILERS" shirt is an epic win!