Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kicking Mule Workshop Straight Leg 1950 | One Month In

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Kicking Mule Workshop Straight Leg 1950

There's definitely "More Than Meets The Eye" when it comes to these jeans.  A little over 30 days in to them and not once have I had to do an extra "squat-thrust" to break 'em in.  Don't act like you haven't done it when know one was watching...its RAW DENIM for heaven's sake! Anyways, back to the jeans. "Charmin" is the only way to describe how soft these jeans continue to become. There's been a decent amount of creasing in the front and back of the knees as well as some pretty nice fading in the crotch due to the massive amount of driving (I mean traffic I sit in) on a daily basis here in Houston. It's hard to believe that I'm still getting a nice wallet indentation on the back pocket even though they're reinforced/lined with pima-cotton. The best kept secret to the jeans has to be the red-chain stitching along the waist band. The stitching helps reinforce the waistband from stretching significantly which I've found to be GLORIOUS during the holidays when my weight tends to yo-yo faster than I can say O-P-R-A-H.

All in all, I'm definitely loving everything about the jeans and can't wait to break in the New Year with them.


-I added heavy duty buttons and thread to them in order to wear braces. (4 in front, 2 in back)
-Got the inseam hemmed to a 32.

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