Friday, January 21, 2011

Buy It Now | Alden Horween Cordovan Long Wing Blucher

I can't thank Gareth over at The Bureau enough for these...

To understand the concept behind these posts check out the first post that highlighted the Red Wing 8881 in Olive Mohave.

Unlike the last post I definitely want to take the time to highlight what I like to call an "UNBELIEVABLE Online Shopping Experience." Don't attempt to to adjust your monitors, that's right I said it "ONLINE EXPERIENCE." Let me explain...From the first conversation over email to the last, Gareth over at The Bureau was extremely helpful answering each and every question I could think of. Bare in mind, in no way, shape or form during the first couple of emails did I indicate that I was going to buy these beauties. I just showed casual interest like any ole window shopper. This is where the "shopping" transitioned into the "experience." Gareth went to leaps and bounds...heck the man woulda jumped through hoops (that's the vibe I got) to make sure every "t" was crossed and every "i" was dotted whether it be fit questions, picture questions, or just any random question I had about their products. In essence, that IS what I believe is the beauty of a great (shopping) experience whether it be online or at a store. Making the customer feel welcomed (being personable/accommodating) and not looking at him/her as a "measly" buck or in this case $$$$ (that's mucho bucks for those who don't understand) and being as informative as possible without being pushy. Not many people get it theses days, but its finding that aforementioned "balance" between making a sale and leaving the decision to the buyer and The Bureau gets it. In all actuality, the decision it solely in the hands of buyer nonetheless, but for me, my purchases are usually predetermined from the jump but what will make or break a deal is the "(Shopping) Experience." To make a long story short, I suggest you check out The Bureau and all the great goods they have to offer. I promise you'll be thanking ME soon enough.

Now, to the shoes...

Where do I start with these grails? Took 'em for a test spin today and what can I say...cue the "Aston Martin Music" cause these bad boys are just that, BAD...SON. The Horween Genuine Cordovan Shell leather in Color #8 will patina nicely (for heaven's sake, it takes a FULL 6 MONTHS to MAKE) and I love the contrast of the double oak leather soles, it gives the shoe that extra pop I've been looking for. The width fitting is a D or in other words the "Classic American Width" and these joint are made to order for The Bureau. Personally, I went down a half size to get these to fit nice and snug. I suggest you hop on over to you_have_broken_the_internet to check out some of Ryan's heat (i.e., Whiskey's) before you decide to pull the trigger on these guys. But I promise, if you do, you won't be disappointed. Or in other words, you won't have Buyer's Remorse.

Buy these now at: The Bureau. Again, I don't suggest sleeping on these as they too have a limited size run.

Happy Shopping,



  1. @Anon-Thanks for stopping by! Couldn't have said it any better myself.

  2. damn, those are amazing... wanted them since seeing them! Stunning.

  3. @Ryan-the double oak leather soles had me at hello.