Monday, April 4, 2011

Tapping Into Our Reserve | Reserve Supply Co.

what, huh oil? who said somethin' bout oil?

It's no surprise that one of the biggest topics across the nation is oil prices and with oil prices reaching $107 a barrel on Friday (a two and a half year high) gas prices continue to soar to all time highs ($3.29 for Regular in Houston). I know that's cheap across the nation, but this is Houston for heaven's sake, that's what we are known for! Anyways, I'm not here to talk about oil, but another great "Reserve" located here in Houston.

Reserve Supply Co. is another great store geared towards men located on Washington Avenue next to Houston's Catalina Coffee. By no stretch of the imagination is this your prototypical men's store. As you step into the industrial space complete with exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, customers are greeted by a beautiful antique motorcycle. As my testosterone levels began to shoot through the roof I proceeded to grunt like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor...ok maybe not, but I really wanted to.

As you proceed to make your way throughout the store, you are exposed to an amazing array of products ranging from Pendleton, Nixon, Ray Ban, selvedge denim from San Francisco based Tellason, Crate, Rail Car, Nike SB, Red Wing, Converse, Davida and much, much more.

Reserve Supply Co. is a reflection of store owner Jason Bruen's interest as well as love for motorcycles and skateboards. Before opening Reserve Supply Co., Bruen operated the largest skate park in Louisiana (Lafayette to be exact). What's refreshing about this shop is the fact that there seems to be no specific target market that Jason is aiming at capturing. The Reserve Supply Co. has offerings for kids who love to skate to men who have interests in the classics or seeking quality products.

All in all, Reserve Supply Co., is another dope shop here in Houston with a great store owner who keeps it  real. By real I mean a down to Earth good 'ole dude with loads of Southern hospitality. So if you happen to be in the Downtown/Washington area stop on by! And if you happen to be in the area this Saturday, April 9th, be sure you stop by for their GRAND OPENING!