Monday, April 11, 2011

Concrete Kit

rock solid...

Concrete kits was put together to show a more "functional" kit that is conducive to the weather we are experiencing here in Houston right now. There are a lot of great kits out in the blogosphere these days, but I really wanted to put together a bit of a more casual kit that you could just throw on and be comfortable in, especially in this humidity.

Deadstock Supreme Box Logo Waxed Camp Cap
Tan waxed canvas 5 panel camp cap from Supreme, a brand that needs no introduction, from a couple of seasons ago. Very versatile, lightweight cap that is super breathable and great for bike rides. Waxed canvas in Spring/Summer here in Houston. Yes please.

Vintage J.Crew Pocket Tee
This shirt was a hand me down from my older brother when J.Crew was still catalog here in Houston. Surprisingly, I've managed to not lose this shirt through the years and as you can see this shirt has gained some character like holes, stains and dare I say "bacon neck"...where's Michael Jordan when you need him. Nonetheless, this happens to be one of my most comfortable shirts that continues to withstand the test of time. This shirt is perfect for our humidity or the days you just want to get up and go.

A.P.C New Standards
One of my favorite pairs of selvedge jeans that continues to age nicely. A.P.C. comes correct (as if you didn't know by now) with their jeans and even though these particular jeans have caused me much pain (breaking them in) it was all worth pain no gain right? Anyways, these jeans have whiskered quite nicely and I couldn't ask for a great pair of selvedge jeans at a great price point. Still contemplating washing them though it's been a little over a year.

Folk Buckley Belt
As you know by now, Folk continues to be one of my favorite brands. I've had this belt for over 6 months now and the veg tanned leather continues to age beautifully. Handmade in England with leather and elastic fabric, the zig-zag pattern is a great belt to add some contrast to your wardrobe. Need I say more?

C.W.C. G10 Watch
Manufactured by CWC watch company to meet UK Military Specifications this G10 watch comes fully equipped with a stainless case, armored face, luminous hands and figure points, and centre seconds hand increments in one second intervals. G10 watches have been standard issue for the British military since the late 1970s. This watch was issued and returned to the barracks for service and recalibration and it is quite possible that it has spent some time in the Falklands or The Gulf. This watch was built for battle...literally. I changed the watch strap out with a tan watch strap from J.Crew.

Gucci Wallet
This wallet has taken a beating throughout the years, and although I can care less about name brands, this wallet has extreme sentimental value, as it was a gift from my wife about 7 years ago. This wallet along with my iPhone make up my everyday carry and as you can see, the leather has continued to stay intact. One day I'll grow up and get a money clip like most adults or maybe I'll be Toys R' Us'-in till the day I die.

Vans Syndicate Zero Lo by Luke Meier
Midnight navy shoe by Luke Meier that is a super clean silhouette. This shoe has the best of both worlds made up of canvas and suede which makes it a perfect shoe for the upcoming months. I picked these up at Supreme last month and couldn't be happier. The midnight navy goes H.A.M with jeans or khakis. The shoes are ultra comfortable with the padding on the tongue. I highly recommend picking up these shoes and rocking 'em sockless.


  1. huge thanks to the doctor for a couple of the recommendations especially the CWC watch...

  2. Wow! I really wanted to put together a bit of a more casual kit that you could just throw on and be comfortable in, Folk continues to be one of my favorite brands. Its really amazing blog dude, I like so much. Thanks!

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  3. Chief Gabril Glad you like the blog man. Definitely check out what we're doing at for more up to date stuff.

  4. or you can stop by the store at 2534 Amherst St., here in Houston.