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This picture of The Little Rascals (1994) depicts the past, present, and future of men's fashion/clothing in least for now. The Citrus Report caught up with Tellason Denim to talk shop in regards to various topics surrounding the current trend in American-made products and of course denim. As major retailers of men's clothing continue to fall slave to the "almighty dollar," I feel they become more obsessed with making money and forget about the "quality" of the product they are putting out. The dudes at Tellason “pinned the tail on the donkey” in regards to the men’s market in America and the direction it is heading. If you're a U.S. retailer of men's clothing, LISTEN UP!

Here are a few short excerpts: (Enjoy!)

"What is interesting right now, and this is pretty much exclusive to the men’s market, is this resurgence and idea of Americana. We have always liked that notion, the workwear concept, the durability of it, the idea in fashion that you can wear something for 6 years and not 6 months. That is unique to men’s market."

"We are in a middle of an explosion right now of high-end denim, especially American and Japanese-made, people really taking care of fit, quality, and design."

"We are not going after that guy. We are going after the guy who wants a quality, American-made product. We are going after a very small sliver of denim consumers, and that is fine. That is where we want to be."

"I think the reason why men are shopping at Unionmade and Smith + Butler is because when guys buy something they want it to last a long time. From our perspective, we want to build a classic American product that uses all of the best methods, whether it be the fabric, the sewing, the trims and the fit. There is nothing revolutionary about what we are doing, it’s just high-quality."

"Americans simultaneously want American-made at low prices, and its impossible. But I would rather spend 4x as much to get it right the first time."

In short, The Little Rascals, were on to something sixteen years ago, from vintage leather jackets, snapback hats, bow ties, to rolled up jeans, (this list goes on and on) each individual pictured screams Americana! Thank you Tellason for pouring out your wealth of knowledge and I hope you guys continue to keep it real. OoOoOtay!!!!!

[Source] 3Kings Clothing

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