Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts | Bandana Print

necktie, pocket square, now shirt...

Excuse me while I search for my marbles. Not quite sure what's gotten into me as of recent, as I'm usually one who likes to stay in the confines of my boundaries when it comes to apparel, especially shirts (ie. ginghams, plaids, tattersalls, plain oxfords) but I'm really feelin' the "Bandana Print" of these shirts not to mention the "Mao" style collar. What I like about these Banced Collar Shirts from WWM is the attention to detail on the print as well as the straight (I didn't say boxy) fit of the shirt. Seeing as it's Daika's last collection for WWM, he's pulled out all the stops! I'm lovin' this shirt which would be a fun shirt to mix up the monotony of all the boring shirts you  may have in your closet. I just don't suggest you go wearing the red print shirt down in LA...just sayin'.

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