Thursday, June 30, 2011

Of Interest: New York City Queens

a breathe of fresh air...

New York City Queens






Call me an old fart, but I'm from a time when MTV stood for Music Television. Nowaday, all you see are re-runs of horrible reality shows (understatement) like 16 and Pregnant and 16 and Pregnant. Real talk, I'm beginning to think that's the only show on that channel as well as some show that's called "Teen Wolf" that does not feature Scott Howard, Boof, or Stiles (disaster). But that's a rant for another day...I've digressed.

Before you tell me to stop complaining, allow me to give you some further insight that I hope will drive the point home (see how I've bolded hope). Music videos are a part of my life whether I like it or not. I didn't have cable growing up so it was a  treat/privledge to catch and or veg out in front of a television to Yo! MTV Raps or Headbanger's Ball...and umm Pop Up Videos on VH1(I'm not ashamed, maybe a lil to say I watched them). I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss music videos and with the dog days of summer upon us (it's horrible here in Houston where the humidity kicks it up a notch or two) we're forced in doors to watch senseless television because there really is nothing on these days, like I previously stated above. Unless tennis and/or soccer are your sports of choice...but let's get one thing straight, this is America, where a sport isn't considered a sport unless blood and full contact are permissible.

Enter New York City Queens hailing from The H..that's Houston for all you non-Houstonians. I've had the privledge of getting to talk to one of the members of the band while doing a photoshoot  with my family over at 3Kings and their debut music video is definitely off the chain. From their cinematography, to style, to sound, I love everything about this particular video. I'm a sucker for music videos, but when paired with a great sense of style and sound, the video becomes much more powerful. That's probably one of the many reasons why I'm drawn to Jake Davis Test Shots. New York City Queens has certainly drawn my attention and I look forward to hearing more from them in the near future as well as hearing them live [insert: shameless plug to all Houston Venues].

Congrats to Daniela and the rest of the crew for putting together what I like to call a "breathe of fresh air" and originality as well as taking me back to my adolescent years where I would sit on the couch and watch Vanessa Minnillo...err I mean TRL all day long. If you want to know more about New York City Queens, check out their  Facebook page  and be a fan.

P.S. From a guy's perspective, it also helps that the women of the band are easy on the eyes and don't look like Courtney Love...#just saying

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  1. Nice job... I agree with you on all aspects of your writing. For me, MTV came about as my life changed drastically with getting married and becoming a professional. MTV was way cool back then and the NYCQ video takes me back to that relaxing but exciting time of my life.