Wednesday, June 29, 2011


fly like a g6...

There's almost something so distinct about city girls it has to be said. This could be why blogs like The Sartorialist are so captivating. To me, city girl's look so effortlessly put together (although it's safe to say their looks are well thought out probably days in advance). Also, city girl seem to exude a lot of confidence and I can see why when they're thrown into city's like New York and L.A where it's fight or flight and everyone is out to be somebody. Confidence paired with intellect in my humble opinion tend to outweigh beauty on any given day due in large that no amount of money on this Earth can buy you either of the characteristics.

Before I go off on a tangent, which I tend to do quite often allow me to salute the city girl for keepin it real as well allowing girls to check, check, check their swag and keep up to date.

Ladies sing it with me: Keri Hilson f. Kanye West, “Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)” MP3

[Source] Fashiontoast

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