Friday, February 25, 2011

Austin Bound

the eyes of texas are upon me...(this weekend)

Taking suggestion of:
-Where to eat, what to eat
-What to check out (shops, antique stores, hole in the wall joints)
-What to do
-Where to eat...(food is definitely on my mind)


  1. The Oasis. Not necessarily in Austin. Good view, meh TexMex food.

    Kerbey Lane Cafe. Young people IHOP/Denny's. The one on S. Lamar is calmer than UT campus.

    Madam Mam's. Thai food. Delicious.

    Korea House. Korean BBQ. Delicious.

  2. @Anon-Thanks for the suggestions and checking out the site! You're right Oasis has a real nice view and we're definitely doing Kerby Lane again. Gonna look up Korea House when we get there, that sounds real good. Prob gonna roam the streets tonight for a Bratwurst or two as well.