Monday, August 9, 2010

Exclusive Look: Junya Watanabe Man At Union

DETAILS...DETAILS DETAILS...enough said. Junya Wantanabe continues to kill the game with these classic pieces with a twist. I don't consider myself a trendhumper, but after taking time to look at these pieces I may have to reconsider...Stay crispy my friends!

Chris Gibbs at Union had this to say:
"In an attempt to mirror our success with Visvim, last season we sought out to find complimentary brands that we could offer. We found three brands that fit the bill; An Italian brand named Ten C, some select Stone Island pieces and Junya Watanabe Man. We received our first Junya delivery this week and we want you to be the first to have a look.
Junya is the first "fashion" brand that we will have in the store but we feel like they are doing some of the best shit on earth lately and that their old accounts don't know how to buy the new look they are doing. We have tried to do our "Union" edit and offer the most classic looks with a subtle twist.

All the stuff is a little pricey but I think it's well worth it for what you are getting."
[Source] Jake Davis

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