Monday, August 16, 2010

AFS's 10 most common mistakes a man can make

Here's a list of style blunders seen commonly on everday men on the streets...

1.Oversized Clothing

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Ever wonder why European men generally look sharper than their American counterparts? The average American man wears his clothes one or two sizes too big. Incorrect fit is one of the biggest culprits for making men look sloppy, it is also the most noticeable and beneficial upgrade when corrected.

2. The ABDC Haircut

I got nothing, but love for the dudes of America's Best Dance Crew, but this hairstyle has to go. Opt for a more natural looking haircut that won’t look different from one day to the next and give your girlfriend's hair straightener a rest.

3.White Athletic Socks (You ain't Michael!)

It's 2010 and men are still shockingly doing this. This is like the original and most commonly known mens fashion "faux-pas." For the record, your dress socks should be relatively in the same color family (preferably one shade darker) than your pants (not your shoes!).

4.Sagging pants

If you are genuinely a rebel that doesn’t need to fit with societies norms, this doesn't apply to you. But if you’re part of the other 99% of the the population, and want to be taken seriously, show a little respect and pull up your pants. 

5.Wrap-Around Sunglasses (Leave the 'Sace shades at home!)


If you're running a marathon, on skis, or hiking Mt. Everest, I get it. Otherwise stick to something a little more classic and a little less EXTREME sport oriented.

6.The Deep-V (I'm too sexy...wait a second?!)

This look didn't work for Right Said Fred and I'm positive it's not gonna work for you (brah).

7.Walking Billboards

Wearing loud symbols is just free advertising. It doesn't make you cool.

8.Hybrid footwear

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While it may seem practical, try not to wear shoes that allow you to go from work straight to the gym.

9.Trying too hard

Stop trend-humping. Just because something is in style right now, or it looks good on someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Wearing too many trends can make you look like a ‘fashion victim’. Use others as a reference point, but find your own look by understanding what works for you.

10. Matching (from head to toe)

One word "contrast". Stop trying to match your sneakers with your shirt, sunglasses, or hat. It's alright if you're shoes don't match your outfit. Take a page outta Yeezy or Kid Cudi's book. Choosing clothes that don't match your shoe's color will give your shoes that extra "pop".