Friday, January 21, 2011

First Look | Close Up and Private S/S 2011

come closer...come closer...(okay that's close enough)

NOTHING I say can do this imagery/collection justice PERIOD. Having said that allow me to get close up and "personal" with a brand that continues to mash up Art in the form of photographs, paintings, and videos. The on-going project by artist Sergei Sviatchenko continues to capture the spirit of modern style, as seen through the subtle shades of the individual. Through these details a complex discourse between clothing, fashion and image takes shape, offering fresh perspectives on contemporary fashion and identity. A Gentlemens' brand to say the least which in this day and age is simply refreshing to see. By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself Sartorially Inclined or Unabashedly Prep, but I love each and every image Sergei captures in these photographs, especially the pairing of the overalls with the bow tie. I would have never known an unlikely pairing would compliment each other so beautifully. Close Up and Private's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is a nice reminder to continue to tighten up my "Grown Man Game." Hats off to the gents over at CUAP for churning out some amazing pieces. I can't wait to see the full line up.

I suggest you check out CUAP's "The Etiquette of a Modern Classicist" which is a great measuring stick to see if you're on the right path to gettin' your grown game "tight" and "right" like the experts. And your part, be responsible, and spread the word!

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