Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Thoughts | Tailored Gang

yeah, uh huh, you know who it is...

everything they do, they do it BIG...

If you've ever wondered about How To Talk To Girls at Parties or been Beat Like You Stole Something I certainly suggest you first Start with (a) Typewriter or (a computer like I'm doing) and gather your thoughts. (Or you can read this ill-advised blogpost, hey the choice is yours it's a free country)

As I continue to get older I am starting to understand, appreciate and value the importance of "fit". Not to discredit quality made goods cause I love 'em to death, but what good is a great shirt/pants if it fits you like a potato sack? (That may have sounded better in my head)

That's where the "Tailored Gang" come in. These dudes are some of the crispiest dudes on the internet and even more so a great reference if you want to get your "Grown Man Style" and fit on. These guys are doing some great things with their shop Run Of The Mill, that's carefully curated and well put together. So if you want to up step it up a notch, find a great tailor and start educating yourself on fits as well as fabrics or even better, you can ask one of these dudes. Just don't be one of those lame Anon drones who hate on people doing great things.




  1. your blog is so bad, i stopped looking at every other men's blog.

  2. @Anon-not exactly sure if you mean bad as in good or bad as in my blog disgusts you that you can't even look at men's blogs as a whole. Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by!