Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Video | Sartorial Sounds

hey ya'll...(Texas version)

An amazing project captured by the talented guys over at Street Etiquette that beautifully mixes poetry, rapping, singing, and tap dancing with style. This is definitely what's up and with arts diminishing role in school's all over the nation, Sartorial Sounds injects new life into art. Well done.

"The video entails the two-day period we spent at the studio not only creating great music, but vibing off each other’s energy. You receive an in-depth glimpse of each artist’s personality and the outcome of what happens when you place seven creative individuals in one location. We usually display a three-to-five-minute video experience, but this time around, we’re giving you a 13-minute webisode for you to enjoy.

This is the first installment of the series, the second will result in a live performance at a venue in New York City – stay tuned for news. If by chance you haven’t heard of these artist we highly recommend check out their previous work and look out for future endeavors. After the dust settled we had a lot of fun creating this editorial and we hope you guys enjoy."

[Source] Street Etiquette

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