Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pre-Order | Nike Air Pegasus '92

available for pre-order, that's what's up...

By now you've probably grown tired of these postings, but it's hard not to post an unbelievable shoe that I stand by 100% not only for its beauty, but also the brains or should I say the functionality of the shoe. The Pegasus Series is definitely one of the most comfortable sneakers I have (that don't have air packs) and if you're like some people who are worried about creasing, have no fear...the reinforced mesh uppers as well as the nubuck will sustain the shoe and help minimize any creases that may appear from beatin' this shoe up. Oh yeah and the colorway is boss.

Pre-order these (will ship in April) now @ End Clothing and again if you're a non-EU customer SAVE 20%!!!

Happy shopping,


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