Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grenson | Sharp Brogue Boots

Just got "OUT WHATABURGER'd" by Ryan Plett...but I still love these boots. I've had these for a minute and just put 'em through a 100+ block beatdown in NYC. STILL mad comfortable.

Check out Ryan's blog: [you_have_broken_the_internet]...dude is straight killin' the game...ALLLREAADDYYY

Payin' homage to Mcarthur

*Additional Information
Upper: Leather
Inner: Leather
Sole: Leather
Made in England since 1866


  1. That Ryan guy has no taste... haha, I'm stoked to pickup some wingtip boots here soon, the Alden Revello joints are keeping me away at night...

  2. "My bank account's telling me NO...but my bodys telling me YES!"

  3. Those boots have a real sweet form. If function is just as good, you must be STOKED!

  4. Could you post an update on this boot?
    I was thinking of buying them too but would like to know how they age...
    How did you find this boot so far?

    Thanks in advance, woul much appreciate an answer =)

    an avid reader ^^

  5. Ask and you shall receive! I'll post an update of these boots on our new website this week. The boots are amazing and they've aged well. Like the English I don't believe in shining these boots so I've let them just go. They are great from day one and don't blister like most boots. Please let me know if y'all have any other questions and I'll address it on the post. Thanks for reading!